Thursday, 29 August 2013

One more year

Back to school next week, just thinking about it makes me miserable which is annoying because i'd like to stay optimistic. How am I to stay happy through the term? Well, I'm to read and see my friends whenever I can, but later on in the year is study time. Great. GCSE's. Just like when I was taking my mock GCSE exams I shut myself in my room (as usual) but was revising before school and after school and on the weekends. Sometimes even at break and lunch. I was stressed so this year is going to be so much worse but I just need to keep reminding myself and my friends: ONE MORE YEAR. One more year of hard work and hopefully it shall pay off and then I can get a head start to my future. Anyone else taking their finals or GCSE's this year just remember you only have to work hard for another year and if you do I promise it should all work out. Good luck to everyone out there!
- Lauren x

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